Curly Hair Styles

If you have been blessed with curly hair, you probably know how hard it is to manage at times. You may be only sticking to one or two hairstyles that you trust will make your hair look good, but there are a few more styles that you should try out. Don’t believe us? Take a look at some popular and surprisingly easy to manage curly hairstyles that you can try out with your next haircut!

One-minute side braid

There is a reason this hairstyle is called the one-minute side braid. Although it may seem kind of complicated to pull off with amazing results, all it takes is 60 seconds to achieve this look!

Sky-high ponytail

The sky-high ponytail goes great for any occasion. Whether you are going out on the town with some friends or attending a classy black tie function, this look can be dressed up or down and it only takes about three minutes to perfect.

Romantic updo

The romantic updo is one of the easiest to manage and best looking styles when it comes to curly hair. The best part? This style requires no heat to pull together! If you are seeking a relaxed but romantic look, this style will flawlessly suit your needs.

Curly Bob

Super easy to manage, this curly bob is slightly shorter in the back than the front, framing the face nicely. Can be cut asymmetrically for an edgy look.

Long Curly Bob

Not ready for a drastic change such as a short bob? Opt for this shoulder-length variation that is just as managable!

This look features soft bangs, which works great for wavy, not too curly hair.