Exciting Hair Colour Trends of 2018

Rose Blonde

Every year, L’Oéral Paris names the top hair colours of the year. Rose Blonde was at the top of that list. The pink and gold mixture of the colour is something that is sure to appeal to women and men alike. The colour can lean more towards one colour or the other but no matter what mixture the colour takes, it is sure to give a wonderful look to your hair.


Rainbow Roots

Unlike previous trends that involved the entire length of your hair being wonderfully covered the newest trend is to simply colour your roots an exciting shade and let it blend into your natural hair colour. The look can be exciting and add a touch of fun no matter how you decide to style your hair.


This colour is a mix of red and orange that is the newest exciting way to do red hair colour. This look is easily done and for brunettes or strawberry blondes it can be done with just some highlights and lowlights. If you are looking for a touch of red to liven up your look, think of going copper next time.

Pearl Blonde

Blonde is big this year and if you don’t want to go for the rose blonde look, think of picking a pearl blonde instead. This look is softer than platinum and reminds us of a pearl necklace sitting in a jewelry box.

Cinnamon Caramel Swirl

No this isn’t the latest trendy drink from your favorite cafe. This warm and inviting colour combines tones of red and caramel blonde into a look that makes us feel cozy.