Blonde is always in vogue no matter the year or the season. While the shades and intensity do vary, there is always a place for the shade. The one issue with going blonde though is that it can be damaging to your hair. Between bleaching and blow drying, blonde locks can become brittle and break. Conditioners are a great solution but they are not the only way to turn dry ends into silky locks. A newly developed product called Olaplex comes to the rescue. Kim Kardashian approved, Olaplex is not a conditioner and does not claim to be. It is a repairing system that works to literally revitalize hair.

Olaplex is a system that permanently rebuilds damaged disulphide bonds in your hair. The active ingredient in Olaplex works on a molecular level and is not just a mask, like a conditioner. It seeks out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by a variety of problems. Whether you have damaged your hair because of chemical stripping, the heat from a blow dryer or a curling wand, or mechanical damage, Olaplex restores compromised hair.

The system is three part. Parts one and two must be done in a salon and part three is take home. Parts one and two are not available for sale to the general public and should only be applied by a trained professional. Part three can be ordered through your website but will be given to you to take home with you when you get this treatment at a salon.

The first part of the three-part system is the Bond Multiplier. The job of the Bond Multiplier is to repair broken disulphide bonds. This helps with preventing future damage while also repairing hair. You can receive this service as a standalone service separate from a hair dying appointment, or your colourist can use Olaplex Bond Multiplier during a dye job. The Bond Multiplier can be added to bleach inside a foil and work its magic while your hair is being lightened.

The second salon step is again restorative and works to repair the remaining broken bonds. This can return hair from a brittle and lacklustre state and make it healthy, strong and shiny. This step is called the Bond Perfector. The Bond Perfector is applied after the lightener has been shampooed out or the colour has been rinsed from your hair. It stays on for around 10 to 20 minutes before it is also rinsed away so that hair can be cut or styled.

Step three is taken home with you. It is called the Hair Perfector and offers lasting protection before your next dye job. It is applied to the hair and left on for a minimum of ten minutes before you rinse it out. It is safe to wear overnight and many people find that this gives them the best results. You are to use it once a week to get the best possible results.

The team at Proper Hair Lounge are experts in the application and use of the Olaplex system. Our clients get the best out of their colour by using Olaplex and we want to help you have the softest and strongest blonde hair possible. Ask about Olaplex during your next hair appointment at Proper Hair Lounge and we will be more than happy to take you through the process and help you achieve your hair goals.